Wendigo Lake Expeditions has been, and continues to be, involved in a number of research projects based around our operational model. At the moment, we are engaged in outcomes data collection through a research project managed by the University of New Hampshire and sponsored by the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. We can also provide you with copies of numerous outcomes studies for wilderness therapy programs, published through the Outdoor Behavioural Healthcare Research Cooperative, of which WLE is an active member.

A January 2005 study of Project D.A.R.E. entitled “Evaluating the Effects of the Project DARE Program on Young Offenders” concluded that: “Project DARE appears to be an effective intervention to help improve anger management and social skills of young offenders…” who demonstrated “…a significant improvement in emotional and behavioural well-being…as evidenced by significant score reduction”. The study concludes that “Project D.A.R.E.’s recidivism rates compare favourably with published recidivism averages, especially given characteristics of the study sample.”

2005 Study “Evaluating the Effects of the Project DARE Program on Young Offenders”
WLE-2005 Evaluation Study.pdf

The results and findings of the 2005 study are strikingly consistent with a detailed independent study of Project D.A.R.E.’s secure custody program that was carried out in 1992. That study concluded that the rate of re-offending by graduates of the Project D.A.R.E. program was substantially lower than the overall rate for youth in secure custody

Summary of the 1992 Study
WLE-1992 Research Summary.pdf

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